Meet Our Stylists

Sharley Chisim

Shirley Chisim has been a professional Stylist for over 20 years and has experience in maintaining healthy hair-care. Shirley is very passionate about natural hair-care but understands that chemical processing still hold its value for some.  Shirley is an awesome stylist and is versatile. Shirley's experience includes: Vida system, Pravana Smooth-out, Specializing in hair cutting, 30 years trained pivot point, Thomas Hayden and Floyd Kenyatta.

Careen Gee

Careen is a Master Hair Stylist that specializes in the following: healthy hair care; foil coloring; awesome cuts; classy up-do's; twist sets & flawless sew-ins. Carren is a stylist tat has a complete mastery of a wide range of skills that start from classy to trendy styles. Carren has also earned her cosmetology instructor's license.

Ms. Ish

Ms. Ish, as a stylist my goal is to satisfy my customers' hairstyling needs while also maintaining the health of their hair. I provide numerous services to my clients from custom hair coloring, highlights, relaxers, strengthening protein treatments, blowouts, deep conditioning, straightening and botanical treatments... 
As a part of providing exceptional service to my clients, I use premium hair care products such as: Affirm, CB Smooth, Aveda, Elucence, Nairobi, and Design Essential.

Mariann Dillion

Marriann is a licensed Professional Hair Stylist equipped with over 20 years of healthy hair care experience. She is proficient in a variety of hair care services such as quality hair color, relaxers, crochet styles and thermal services. Mariann specializes in promoting healthy hair care which also produces healthy hair growth. Mariann provides beauty services that range from glamorous to trendy chic, as well as Afrocentric and casual with the use of professional hair care products. Her wish for all of her clients is to have a relaxing & pleasant experience resulting in Diva healthy hair results.

Tish Jones

Tish is now offering Micro-blading services.  Micro-blading is the art of semi-permanent eyebrows which can last anywhere from one to three years.  It's a great way to have perfect eyebrows everyday without the hassle of actually having to do them yourself.  Micro-blading is great for women with sparse brows, women suffering with alopecia/hair loss or any other condition that may cause the brows to thin or look like they are barely there.  This non-invasive and practically pain-free procedure enhances what is already there.  Micro-blading typically takes two and a half hours and is done in two sessions four weeks apart.  The second appointment is necessary because it is expected that you will loose up to thirty percent of the pigment implantation due to the eyebrows healing.  Tish is trained and certified in Micro-blading & Blood-Bourne Pathogens.

Call Tish directly to to schedule your Micro-blading beauty enhancement session @ 317-507-5513.  Tish is looking forward to servicing you.